2012 Bucket List

These are the things I would like to accomplish this year…

    1. Photography class(es) – I want to learn and improve my photography. With that I will be signing up for my first one next week which begins on January 18.
    2. Back to Zumba at least 1x per week which is starting up tomorrow!
    3. Train for the Dirty Girl Mud Run and accomplish it more gracefully!
    4. Stop drinking soda at work and cut out coffee for all but 1x per week if I really need it. NO LATTES! Only regular coffee. This really helps me feel better and lose weight faster! To go along with this I need to drink more water!
    5. Work on losing weight to get into that hot sparkly dress I have always wanted for my trip to Vegas in June.
    6. Go camping with a group of friends – TENT camping. I have had a tent for over 5 years and have used it a total of two times. I want to spend a weekend in the woods or at a state park grilling, laughing, goofing around and drinking with my friends.
    7. Play in the rain! I did this this summer with my niece and it was so much fun. I want to do it more and again. Puddles make me smile and laugh like a little girl which is something I think everyone can use more of.
    8. Take a road trip! This could be anywhere for anything! I want to make it to a new ballpark this year and also would like to take a weekend trip to Chicago. I did this two summers ago and it was one of the best, yet simplest trips of my life.
    9. Travel to at least 3 new places. Vegas is going to be one but I would like to add 3. Even if its something simple like Mall of America or a new Baseball Stadium
    10. Read 3 new books. I am in the process of reading approximately 4 books but I want to finish up reading what I have started and then read 3 6 new ones. In fact I even kind of would like to start a mini book club. Nothing serious – maybe just a book every few months and get together for wine and discussion. I think this would be a great way to get together with some friends and to get me reading.
      UPDATE 1/9/2012: Started Reading the Hunger Games and officially have two of my girlfriends on board to do a mini book club.
      UPDATE 1/17/2012
      : BOOK 1 I have finished reading the book. We have all agreed no one starts the next until we are all finished and can get together…I can’t wait!!
      UPDATE 1/30/2012: BOOK 2 I have already finished my 2nd book – a non-book club book.  It was a very easy cute read.  Something nice and gave me something to do on the bus.
    11. GET ORGANIZED! This is really just a ploy to have a clean and organized space to live in, leading up to me hopefully moving SOONER vs. later.
    12. Save! I want to have a good chunk of change saved up for a down payment by the end of the year. I really want that condo that I have been dreaming oh so much about
    13. Project 52 – Going with my last post – I want to start and complete a project 52.
      UPDATE 1/9/2012: Week 1 – Done
      UPDATE 1/30/2012: I have been doing this but they arent the photos I have been hoping for as I am not giving myself “scheduled” time to take great photos.  Right now more or less, I am doing it to make sure I get a photo.  I need to work on being better and getting hte GOOD photos to accomplish my goal.
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