I Love…

 I ♥ singing and dancing in my car by myself
I ♥ sunsets
I ♥ my family
I ♥ my best friends
I ♥ my niece
I ♥ my iPod
I ♥ fishing
I ♥ the beach
I ♥ puppies
I ♥ laying in a hammock reading (or sleeping)
I ♥ shopping
I ♥ music
I ♥ new favorite songs
I ♥ being in love
I ♥ the first flower bud of the spring
I ♥ text messages
I ♥ musicals
I ♥ emails
I ♥ new hair cuts
I ♥ singing
I ♥ my iPad
I ♥ PICTURES (taking and looking)
I ♥ parties
I ♥ dancing
I ♥ girls nights
I ♥ concerts
I ♥ stories
I ♥ movies
I ♥ snuggling
I ♥ kisses
I ♥ giving gifts
I ♥ laying on the ground looking at the stars in summer
I ♥ driving
I ♥ vacation
I ♥ sporting events
I ♥ firsts
I ♥ laughing
I ♥ being silly
I ♥ mid-day naps outside in the summer
I ♥ swimming
I ♥ hot tubs in the winter
I ♥ sleeping
I ♥ the first snow of the season
I ♥ snowball fights
I ♥ cardinals
I ♥ new outfits
I ♥ scrap booking
I ♥ a good CD
I ♥ exciting news
I ♥ IM’s
I ♥ catching up with old friends
I ♥ smiling
I ♥ running
I ♥ soccer
I ♥ smell of clothes when you hang ’em to dry outside
I ♥ staying up too late
I ♥ girl talks
I ♥ movie nights
I ♥ candles
I ♥ black and white pictures
I ♥ memories
I ♥ missing someone
I ♥ plans
I ♥ a good glass of wine
I ♥ traveling

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